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Paint Party at Refuge House

Thank you for coming to the Paint Party sign up page! The Refuge House is in dire need of new interior paint. A Place of Refuge will be providing lunch to the volunteers that come to paint on Saturday, February 26! It will be open to volunteers to come as you can between 9am - 4pm. Please bring your own paint brush and/or roller and any other paint supplies you have on hand. The Refuge House address is not shared publicly so if you are willing to be a driver you will have to call Pastor for the address (or he will contact you after you sign up). Thank you so much for your service to this great ministry!

Do you need a ride?
Are you bringing your own paint brush and/or roller?
Are you willing to be a driver?
What timeframe do you plan to arrive / be there? (Lunch will be provided by APOR)
Are you a member of St. John?
Interested in more information about St. John Lutheran Church?

Thanks for submitting!


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