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Preschool & Childcare

Securing each child's future - for eternity.

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Ages 0-2

Ages 3-5

Ages 6-12

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Infant/Toddler Care (Ages 0-2)


Our Curriculum

     Our programs are play-based emphasizing an appropriate balance between child- and teacher-directed activities. Our theme-based curriculum focuses on the following developmental areas: cognitive skills, social, emotional, physical, creative, and language and skills. It is our goal to support children in achieving goals appropriate for their state of development. Children as young as toddlers will participate in large and small group activities as a part of the daily routine. Our staff is committed to planning and implementing a curriculum that is purposeful and goal-oriented.

     Each child is a unique individual. Our team at St. John’s will communicate with families to ensure that your child’s schedule stays consistent between home and center. Caregivers will provide a safe and caring environment for your child to explore new relationships. Each caregiver will engage with your child through play, reading, and talking throughout the day. Your child will be provided with an atmosphere that will stimulate positive growth and development. Our program is filled with real-world experiences, emphasizing the importance of their environment and through relationships your child will build language, motor and social skills while exploring the world around them.



  • Daily activities including art, sensory exploration, songs

  • Children are introduced to letters, numbers, shapes and colors

  • Age appropriate toys, games and music

  • You will enjoy regular communication with teachers, including daily written reports to keep you informed about your child’s day

Junior Preschool (2 year olds)

     Children at this age are very curious and energetic. We specialize on channeling this energy into things that help children learn and grow. Our hands-on daily activities keep these enthusiastic children to explore and learn in a fun-filled environment. We will promote independence skills in toileting and dressing. We encourage self-dressing, putting on shoes, socks, coats, etc. This is the time for independence and encouragement. Time is allowed for creativity in all areas of play. Our curriculum consists of age-appropriate choices to enable simple decision-making and cultivate communication skills.



  • Sharing

  • Taking turns

  • Using manners

  • Following directions

  • Putting things back where they belong

  • Learning to use words to resolve conflicts

  • Learning to self-dress

  • Learning to use scissors, crayons, markers and glue

  • Recognizing numbers, letters, colors and shapes

  • Washing hands

  • Potty training


Summer Worship Schedule

Sunday 9am Divine Service

Wednesday 7pm Divine Service 


St. John Lutheran Church

824 Fredonia Ave.

Fredonia, WI 53021

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